Deaf Awareness Training

We pride ourselves on delivering training that makes your environment more inclusive of deaf people

Whether you want to improve your service delivery to deaf clients or ensure that your deaf employee is included in the team, our customised Deaf Awareness Training (DAT) will give you the information and practical tips to improve your interactions with deaf people.


Some of the areas we cover in the training are;


• What is the difference between deaf and hard of hearing people?
• What are the different communication methods used by deaf people?
• What is Auslan (Australian Sign Language)?
• Practical tips to ensure interactions with deaf people in your workplace are inclusive and equitable.
• Communication skills for the workplace because good communication skills are universal, and do not just apply to deaf people!

If you have a deaf employee you may be eligible to have the costs of this training reimbursed by the Australian Government through the Employment Assistance Fund. The Employment Assistance Fund provides Government funding to assist employers of people with disabilities to purchase a range of work related modifications and services. This fund is administered by JobAccess and can be used to pay for access to workplace training and interpreting provided by the Deaf Society to encourage employers to recruit deaf and hard of hearing staff.


You can visit: or contact JobAccess on 1800 464 800 for more information or contact us for information.

Explore our courses

DAT Online

Deaf Awareness Training Online combines the content of a regular 2 hour live class with the flexibility of online learning. You can learn at your own pace using the videos, pictures and quizzes.

1 Hour Program

This program provides an introduction to the barriers that deaf and hard of hearing experience and basic information about communicating with deaf people. 

2 Hour Program

This program is recommended for people or teams involved in the delivery of frontline services so they can guide appropriate service provision.

4 Hour Program

This program is recommended for all frontline staff, assessors, and others who are likely to have regular contact with deaf or hard of hearing people. 

2 Hour EAF Package

This package includes the two hour program plus eight free enrolments for the Sign Online course. Sign Online is a 7-week online, sign language beginner’s course, normally valued at $155 per person.

Here is what some of the organisations, we’ve worked with have said about the training:

I have much more of an understanding of the problems faced by deaf/hard of hearing people. Every single staff member enjoyed the training. Thanks to Deaf Society for sending us such wonderful trainers. We learned a lot from them! 



The Deaf Awareness Training was very engaging and insightful. It developed my team’s awareness of the barriers to work that hard of hearing people experience and opened our eyes to the worlds of deaf people – it was also good fun.



The DAT presentation proved to be highly enlightening for our team in dealing with anyone from the deaf community as they come to an evacuation or in following up with house calls after a disastrous event. Others who attended also valued the experience.